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HOA Property Management Services


TVRA is one of very few HOA management companies that offers a menu of services to Home Owner's Associations of all sizes. Many HOA management companies only offer an expensive, fixed fee for HOA management services. TVRA has found that many communities do not have the need or the adequate budget for services that were originally member managed by homeowners who volunteered their time and resources.

If your HOA has a need to outsource professional management services, TVRA can help. Our highly qualified and experienced property management division can show you how to reduce maintenance costs, improve maintenance quality, and maintain home values in your community, all while shouldering the burden of HOA meetings & complaints. Unlike other HOA Management Companies, TVRA is wiling to hear the concerns of each individual community & build a plan and a budget that will fit you and your neighborhood's needs. 

Reasons why Home Owner's Associations hire an HOA Management Company:

    • While board members are typically community members who volunteer their time and services, TVRA is a professional HOA Management Company with years of experience and expertise.
    • Being relieved of the burden of self-managing a Home Owner's Association saves association members' time, which ultimately save them money. 
    • Having a team of professionals takes personal matters out of the equation, promoting conflict-free relationships between neighbors.
    • Wanting to finally get old projects off the ground? TVRA helps struggling Home Owner's Associations grow by maximizing efficiency and consistency of the day-to-day operations.

Below you will find a handful of the HOA management services we provide:

Services for Home Owner's Associations' Community Management:

    • Hiring and managing maintenance crews.
    • Negotiating discounts on required services.
    • Fielding homeowner complaints.
    • Running Board of Directors meetings.
    • Collecting dues and managing finances.
    • Ensuring legal compliance.

Services for Home Owner's Associations' Board Operations:

    • Provide Board Member support on a day-to-day basis. 
    • Provide annual budget preparation assistance.
    • Answer and act upon all homeowner communications, both written and verbal, in a prompt manner.
    • Maintain a 24-hour emergency answering service.
    • Prepare a Board Member meeting package, which includes a meeting agenda, management report, financial statements and copies of all correspondence sent and received, bids received, etc.
    • Mail the draft minutes and action list generated from the prior Board meeting to all members of the Board in advance of the meeting. The action list will include all progress on the Board’s requests since the prior meeting.
    • Attend regular Board Meetings.
    • Provide samples of minutes, rules, correspondence, specifications etc., all of which can be customized for your association.
    • Provide a management report with a list of all requests to Asheville Phoenix Properties from the Board, homeowners, etc., along with the status of each item.
    • Coordinate professional small-scale seminars with pertinent community information.

Our team, and your community, is supported by numerous department team members who are committed to all aspects of overseeing your association.  Our commitment to advanced training, adaptive technology and streamlined task management from our highly experienced staff enables our managers to focus more time on your communitySelf-managing your HOA can seem like a good idea in theory, but in actual practice, hiring TVRA can not only be a cost-effective solution, it can be a life-changing solution to your community's needs, from our family to yours. 

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